Eating in

Holiday apartments are not equipped for lavish cooking, but with so much else to see and do it would be sad to spend too long on food preparation. Our apartments have just a microwave/grill and two hotplates, which is ample because the local fare is excellent for simple and delicious meals. The local cheeses and charcuterie must be sampled.

butchers - There is an excellent butchers on the back road up from the Postillon towards the church. They produce their own sausages and charcuterie and trim meat very nicely. All you need to do is pan fry in a little olive oil or butter. They also produce daily ready-made meals.

bakers - There are also two good bakers. The Point P by the church makes the best bread. The shop beside the tourist office has a wide selection of tarts etc.

supermarkets - There is a small supermarket in the village which is handy for odd items but not your main shopping. The large Casino supermarket at Demi-Quartier is very good. Those further afield can be better for choice and price: i.e the Carrefour at Sallanches, or the Intermarchés at Domancy or Praz-sur-Arly. The "Grand Frais" at Domancy lives up to its name for fresh produce.

Fresh produce - the Supermarkets are good but you can buy cheese direct from the farm in route d'Ormaret or on the right just outside Combloux towards St Gervais. In summer, you could also pay a visit to Beaufort and buy direct from the cheese factory. The weekly markets are also great for local produce.

Savoie fare

Local Cheeses - Abondance is a firm, pleasantly tangy cheese from the milk of a local breed of cow, principle ingredient of "Berthoud" and adds flavour to Fondue; Beaufort "the prince of Gruyères" and one of the main ingredients of fondue savoyarde (Beaufort d'alpage or Beaufort d'ete has superior flavour to Beaufort d'hiver); Chèvre various local goats cheeses; Comté the other main ingredient of fondue savoyarde is a hard, slightly salty, rich tasting cheese from the Juras; Emmenthal is like the Swiss cheese with waxy texture and large holes; Raclette is for melting, allow 200g per person, cru, fume, or chèvre taste best but pasteurised travels better; Reblochon is a soft, creamy and mellow, local round cheese; Tomme is local cheese from various regions of France, try before you buy Tomme de Savoie - assistants will be pleased to cut you a sample.

Meat and charcuterie - The local butcher is good for fresh meat and their own prepared hams, sausages and made up dishes. Diots, the local sausages, are very tasty grilled or cooked in white wine. Magland (from a village between Sallanches and Cluses) is an excellent sausage to eat as salami. Jambon cru is similar to Parma ham.

Fish - Look out for perche and féra (salmon family) from the lakes of Geneva and Annecy. Otherwise you can buy cabillaud (cod), colin (hake), loup (bass), brochet (pike), truite, and carrelet (plaice).

Local Wines - Abymes a light dry white and relatively cheaper wine; Apremont very light and dry white product of the "Jacquère" grape, perfect with fondue savoyarde; Chignin is similar to Apremont but a bit more body; Crepy dry and light, slightly sparkling white product of the "Chasselas" grape; Gamay light red product of the grape which Beaujolais is based on - Chautagne Gamay is particularly good; Marin white wine from south banks of Lac Leman, chasselas grape, good with fish; Mondeuse dark red wine with lots of character - Arbin Mondeus is particularly good. Pinot Noir local red wine of the Burgundy grape. Roussette full bodied white wine from the roussette grape. Seyssel Royale is one of the finest Champagne Method wines in france.

Beer - for drinking out, the keg beer (pression) is generally good, otherwise Kronenbourg (including 1664 or seize cent soixante quatre) is usually available and cheaper than imported beers.

Eating out

Restaurants there are several good tourist class restaurants around Combloux. You may find them nearly empty or packed to the gills, but welcoming in any case. Here are some examples.

Perdrix Blanche
at La Cry ski base, next to Marin Sports and about 10 minutes walk from our apartments, good evening menu, lunchtime snacks, events such as New Year, or you are welcome to just use the bar
La Cassina
Next door to Perdrix Blanche, similar but only opens in winter. Has draught beer and a nice terrace overlooking childrens ski area.
Evasion Mont Blanc
Hotel opposite the Perdrix Blanche, panoramic restaurant good for slap up lunch, nice quiet afternoon tearoom.
Petit Cuchet
Small Hotel Restaurant further up the road (or Beauregarde piste) from la Cry. Superb ambiance and view - try their crepes aux pommes!
Le Pinocchio
pizzeria in the heart of the village has good quality, ambiance, and friendly service.
Coin Savoyard
small auberge near the church, good quality ingredients and local dishes
Le Loup Comblé
on the terrace above the tourist office car park, huge meals, good value
Aux Coeur de Combloux
opposite the tourist office, open all year round, good including fish dishes
Mountain Restaurants
There are many currently described under skiing but the Petite Ravine, Bachais, and Auberge de Porrez are noteworthy for summer forays into the mountains by foot, bike or skilift.

Local Dishes - Assiette Savoyarde a selection of local charcuterie including jambon blanc, jambon cru (like parma ham), and saucissons (the best being Magland); Berthoud is based on Abondance and white wine cooked in oven, served with potatoes and charcuterie; Fondue Savoyarde is eaten by dipping bread into molten cheese mixture (Beaufort, Comté, and white wine) usually accompanied by salad and Aprement; Pela potatoes and various other things served in a small frying pan; Raclette a special cheese you melt for yourself under a table grill and pour over chopped up potato and lardons; Reblochonade based on potatoes baked with reblochon cheese; Tartiflette grilled reblochon cheese melted over a mixture of lardons and potatoes.

Vegetarians - beware the locals do not understand your strange behaviour - for example, you may need to order a "vegetarian salad" because simply asking for a dish without meat will not exclude charcuterie and lardons which are standard ingredients for savoyard salads.