Last rev: May 2019

Who are we?

A retired couple, living in Bracknell, Berkshire. We have owned apartments in Combloux since 1991 and we have four to let. We love the village, the scenery, the walking and skiing, the people and the sheer joy of being there.

Having three children, we preferred to self-cater and self-drive because hotels and flights dictate what you can do and when, and they limited what you can take with you - quite apart from the cost. However quality of renting can be a lottery, and if its not comfortable you need to eat out more...

Buying our own apartments was the perfect solution and this is the perfect location which we can never tire of.

Why do we rent them out?

If you have your own apartment, letting a few spare weeks can help with the bills, so we set up a website in 1997 and found we enjoy giving other families really good value for money. It became a way of life.

Twenty eight years on, we have our own second home in the village and letting the other apartments is a hobby, that is demanding but not profitable. So we are ready to sell them.