Updated: 23 Sep 18

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Our latest news of Combloux

We try to keep our friends and visitors to Combloux informed through this blog, our facebook page and newsletters.

Our mailings go to about 350 people. All who book with us, or register on our site, are listed until they reply to be removed or their address is invalid - but we do not believe in regular, frequent or obtrusive 'news'. We mail only when we have news of interest.

November visit

click to zoomFriday 9th Nov. Bob was here for a meeting of the Conseil Syndical, i.e. residents committee, of Ecrin des Glaciers following his election in August. It was unseasonably warm and pleasant weather and walking out from Cuchet we noticed that the recent snow had melted. That means the ground is now damp as well as cold which will make a good base for Christmas skiing provided we don't suddenly get a huge dump of snow. (The photo is up the Tetras red)

We found the restaurants at la Cry were being modified (see separate blog)
and just downhill click to zoomthe ESF are making a large extension to the nursery slope beside the Piou-Piou Garderie. This involved demolishing the small chalet where the Ski Club of Combloux was based in order to 'make better use of this prime site'. We took this photo from the parking area.

Doubling the area for under 5s ties up with statistics we read in the local paper today: that only 7% of the french take ski holidays, but 56% with the family. Also 68% of accommodation is booked via the internet (airbnb, leboncoin and search engines each taking 25%), which strikes a chord with another announcement: the new manager of the Tourist Office has a background in IT and internet and he has recruited a webmaster to manage digital communications.

click to zoomFurther downhill, these photos are from the entrance to le Brons car parks above the 'Chalets des Pistes' development, which is progressing fast. As you can see it is above the Mowgli chalet and you can see l'Aiglon through the gap in the trees.

They are advertising that apartments will be for sale from 2019 - presumably off-plan.

click to zoomBeware that their website seems to target english buyers who will not be very familiar with the french buy-back lease scheme, which looks very attractive but hides several dissadvantages that we would find unacceptable.


This summer

click to zoomAlthough summer is even better than the ski season, we had few visitors - you guys really don't know what you're missing!

We usually come out for the owners' AGM; but this year we had unmissable social events in UK and came here for the end of September (26°C today). Ironic, because this year I was elected to the residents committee (if ever there was a challenge to my French!).

I did request a new WIFI network in la Biche and it was approved, so by winter Apts A,B and C will each have 5MB, which is good for email and surfing and far more than we could get via ADSL.

Today I will put a new TV decoder in Apt C because the TV still works well but the internal tuner fails to get the french broadcasts. NO - I had to replace the TV. It seems the board was damaged by people connecting HDMI and USB, please take care).