Updated: Dec 2017

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start of 2017/18 season

The season started on 23rd December, with all lifts and pistes open, 60cm of snow at the base and 2m at the top.

The days were sunny and the pre-dawn view was spectacular.

A welcome change from the previous two awful seasons and in fact the best we've had for ten years.

The snow cover was excellent, including the nursery slopes.

It was firmly pisted and fast running so that beginners could learn quickly; and easy going to give us the luxury of getting fit without straining anything!

We had to try out the new descent of Christomet. What was the 'Coq' red is now the 'GĂ©linotte' blue. There is a left turn into a newly cut section that circumvents the steep 'wall' at the end, which now becomes the Coq black.

Its a clever development because the run is quite well shaded and should be easy to keep open later in the season.

The black section can be very challenging when it is either frozen or damp and heavy; but it can now be closed when it becomes dangerous and the blue descent could be kept open.

The sign for the 'new' black run said "Aigle". Either a teething problem or a deliberate ruse to confound innocent map readers!

Back at la Cry we went into the new restaurant called 'Chez Albert', which has been built by the owner of the Bachais. It is in the perfect position at the base of the pistes and has a sunny deck which looks left to the ski-school meeting area and nursery pistes and right to the entrance of the Beauregarde lift. The deck extends around the side overlooking Mowgli.

We stopped for a very nice cup of vin chaud but have not tried the food yet. We were quite surprised that in contrast to the Bachais, this is self-service and clearly caters for people who want a short stop. Inside was relatively stark and had short queues for lunch and toilets.