Owners' website - four apartments @ Combloux

Last rev: 27 Oct 2020

COVID-19 Information

During the health crisis, you may be unable to take your holiday at short notice because of travel restrictions, isolation, or other incidents. Or we may be unable to prepare your apartment for similar reasons. In such cases we make a full refund.

Our established and published terms and conditions are amended as follows:

100% refund
if you are unable to take your holiday due to travel constraints, infection or quarantine affecting your group or their dependents.
or, if the accommodation becomes unavailable following a covid incident or restriction.
As well as making the beds with linen cleaned by the laundry, our manager disinfects all high-touch surfaces.
We supply a disinfectant spray and some hand sanitiser for your use.
We require that you observe current health advice, including french government information in English, and that you inform us immediately of any incident related to COVID-19.