Estimate the total costs not just brochure prices

This calculator helps to estimate the cost for ANY ski holiday ANYWHERE.
What you pay for accommodation is only about 12% to 20% of the total; but a "cheap" deal on accommodation may increase what you spend on food, drink and travel.

Make your own estimate of any factor, either per person or for the whole party, change the relevant box and click to recalculate.

In a comfortable apartment you'll spend far less on nightlife, food and drink.
Much depends on dates. By avoiding Saturdays you can save a lot on travel even if you spend a little more on accommodation.
Driving Driving from Calais costs about £64 tolls plus £80 petrol each way.
Driving from Geneva airport (50 miles) costs about £25 return plus say £300 car hire.
Fares A return channel costs £60-£160. Flights can cost that per person.
Ski pass A 6-day village pass costs £115 (135€) adult or £88 (104€) under-16,
A 6-day Megeve area (Evasion) pass costs £157 (186€) adult or £127 (150€) under-16
Ski and boot hire Equipment is graded blue/red/black. For 6 days, including our discount - ski and boot hire would cost about £100 each
Food & drink Daytime snacks and drinks are big variables.
Apartment living is much cheaper than a hotel.
Other Six 3hr ski group lessons costs £117 (138€); individual lessons about £31 (38€) per hour.
You may need overnight stops, airport car parking, taxis, insurance, snowchains, clothes ...