Last rev: Sep 2017

Our preferred method of payment is PayPal

Your online agreement shows what payments are due and when. You can set up a payment directly into our Paypal secure merchant account by use of the 'Buy Now' button below. You specify the amount to be paid. You do not have to have your own PayPal account. You can pay by credit card as a PayPal 'guest'.

This way, you get the added protection of PayPal as well as your credit card and your confidence in our long-standing reputation and membership of Owners Direct; and normally we are able to issue a refund through PayPal to return your security deposit.

(Those who know and trust us can continue to pay online to our bank account and it does save us 3% fees, but we will need your bank account details for refunds.)

Or you can book your stay through Owners Direct. However, do note that those prices are in euros and include their own booking fee of approx 10%

A security note

Beware the risks of online fraud. We know you can trust us, but can you be sure? You can check that we have advertised apartments continuously since 2004 on, and you can check that we have owned website and email domain since 7/4/1998. Emails to will come to us. However, you cannot be sure about unsolicited emails that appear to be from us - those could be 'spoofed'. Replies to emails you sent are more reliable but not certain, so do log into your account on our website and do not believe any email that contradicts it. We will never email asking you to pay into some other bank account!

( Sadly, very large intermediaries profit from selling us costly "protection" against the fraud their very existance has incented. What it really protects is their monopoly. )