For the Children

Combloux is a fabulous ski resort for family skiing and has excellent facilities for children. This page summarises features, which are described in more detail on relevant pages.

At the apartments

Many apartment owners do not allow small children. We do accept all ages on the understanding that parents take full responsibility. However, we have made no specific provisions for infants, and there is no washing machine on site, but many families have brought children of all ages and proved they found it satisfactory by coming back again and again! Usually, the bottom bunk bed can be used for sleeping or for standing a carry cot. Do study the apartment descriptions and floor plans.

Small children should never be left unsupervised in the apartments and it is essential to supervise and take care over their access to electrical equipment, kitchen equipment, and hot water. We also trust you will protect us from spills, breakages and sticky fingers.

Our per person charge aims to be a fair reflection of the cost of service and consumables including heating, cleaning and laundry. The headcount includes babies and small children because families with small children inevitably cost extra in terms of heating, cleaning and decorations. (If we overcharged adults as much as the big agents do we could offer half-truths such as "second child goes free!")


The nearest is the large new day-care centre associated with the ski school, "Les Loupiots", at the base of La Cry ski area for 3 month olds to 6 year olds. This also has an enclosed "ski garden" providing lessons for 3½ year olds to 6 year olds. It is open 9:00 to 5:30 for children who are not skiing or for children to rest (including supervised play in the snow) before and after skiing.

There is also a crèche, "Les Galopins", in the village centre beside the church. This takes 3 month olds to 12 year olds for the full day including lunch. They organise theme weeks to help toddlers (up to 4) feel at home; there is quiet room for naps as well as a special play area for babies and pre-toddlers; and indoor and outdoor acitivities, sports, tours, arts and crafts are provided for the older children.

The tourist office also maintains a list of about 20 baby-sitters but they are unlikely to be English speaking. Follow the links above into Combloux website for more detail and prices for these facilities. It is advisable to book through the tourist office online, by telephone or email.

Note that the apartments are about 2 km from the village centre on about 1 in 10 incline (see notes about travel and access). There is a regular ski bus link with the village from la Cry. La Cry is just over 400 meters walk up from the apartments but families with small children often drive up - skis may be left in a locker at Marin Sports shop and the crèche, ski school and restaurants are at hand. From the chalets it is about 150m to the drag lift up to la Cry level or walking from the base of the drag is through a large car park, past a ski pass office and the loupiots crèche and up through nursery slopes.

Ski Passes

Lift passes are free for under fives. Children's passes apply from 5 to 15 and are about 20% cheaper than adults. There is a family pass ("pack famille") available which saves a further 10% for 2 adults with 2 children. All passes can be reserved online. Photos are needed for 6-day passes.

Lessons and Guides

Ski school lessons at la Cry are just a little cheaper for children. Group lessons are in French. Book ahead for February half-term or to get individual lessons in English.

Ski Hire

Our arrangement with Marin Sport and our reservation form includes ski and boots for 2 yr olds upwards!