SKI HIRE and purchase

Our visitors can benefit from our long association with "Marin Sport".
They offer online discounts through their links with the Sport 2000 chain but you can get the same discounts (or better in peak weeks) and more personal service with our business card. Also we may be able to assist or advise.

The published prices for 6/7 day hire in 2011 were as below less at least 20% off hiring and 10% off purchases.

skis70€ to 140€40€ to 60€Equipment is graded green to black, according to ability level.
boots47€ to 64€30€
snowboard90€ to 119€60€
boots53€ to 55€30€

It is important to match your level of ability. Higher performance equipment is more costly and may be harder to control, but equipment that is not up to your level will hold you back.

It is always advisable to buy skis or boots in the resort and it is essential to try before buying because they are surprisingly different. We would never consider buying from a shop in the UK unless we had already used that particular model - however persuasive the salesman or our friends were. These are very technical products and differ considerably such that one particular design will suit your physical attributes and style of skiing more than others. "Better" skis can simply be harder to ski well on. Try two or three different pairs on different days and be amazed how much they vary. If you really get on well with hire skis seriously consider buying at the end of your week because if you do decide to buy you normally will not pay any hire charges.