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Combloux often has better snow than higher resorts -

20 cms on a stable "prairie" base is as good as 100 cms on bare rocks
Combloux benefits from its geography and proximity to Mont Blanc
pistes are well shaded by trees and face all compass directions
the workforce is resident and takes pride in piste maintenance
there are not hoards of skiiers to damage the pistes

By contrast, more recent, purpose built resorts aim to attract masses of skiers to higher altitudes with "guaranteed snow". The risk is that they are vunerable to severe conditions, over-skiing, avalanches and blocked roads; and at bad times it is not easy to reach other resorts. In this lottery we think Combloux wins the prize more often.

At Combloux's altitude it is less cold and less windy : often an advantage, although it can mean poor snow for beginners early in the season - but there is always easy access under 40 minutes to other lifts. Global warming has made the seasons much longer, but the global weather is unpredictable with periods of thawing or of excessive snowfall. There is usually still deep snow at the end of March when the season ends for economic reasons.

For driving through France

You can get real time weather and traffic information, maps, webcams and other information from the autoroute.fr website.

Beware internet Forecasts!

The French Meteo provides the best Forecast for COMBLOUX. But beware that other web sites bias the data from Meteo France to promote certain (client?) resorts.

We do find the short-term forecast from Chamonix website reliable, but Combloux is usually slightly warmer than Chamonix town and gets a bit more snowfall.

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