Last rev: Sep 2017

Combloux often has better snow than higher resorts -

20 cms on a stable "prairie" base is as good as 100 cms on bare rocks
Combloux benefits from its geography and proximity of Mont Blanc
pistes are well shaded by trees and face all compass directions
the workforce is resident and takes pride in piste maintenance
there are not hoards of skiiers to damage the pistes

By contrast, more recent, purpose built resorts aim to attract masses of skiers to higher altitudes with "guaranteed snow". The downside is that they are more prone to over-skiing, blizzards, ice and rocks, avalanches and blocked roads; and if conditions are bad you are stuck without easy road access to other areas. It is a lottery which will be better in any particular week - but many frequent skiers agree with us that Combloux usually wins out.

At Combloux's lower altitude it is less cold and less windy : often an advantage, but can dissadvantage beginners slopes at early and late season. However, on those occasions, there is usually easy road access under 40 minutes to good snow.

We enhance access to information

The ski-passes cover several communes, but communes tend to inform and promote only their little bit - so we combine and re-process that information.

  • We link to all of the webcams covered by the ski passes; and
  • we reformat live-data showing the status of Lifts&Pistes.
  • This website automatically builds snow records from the latest Snow Report and last ten years' averages.

Beware internet Forecasts!

The French Meteo provide the best FORECAST for COMBLOUX. But beware that other web sites take the Meteo France data and bias it to give very different forecasts (vested interests perhaps).

We do find the short-term forecast from Chamonix website reliable, but Combloux is usually slightly warmer than Chamonix town and gets a bit more snowfall... and you may enjoy the presentation from the likes of

For driving through France

You can get real time weather and traffic information from the website, which is packed with information on routes, webcams, traffic forecasts, tolls etc. (click on "preparitives" to select / click on the map to enlarge a region)