Whether you drive across France, or from Geneva airport you will join the (A40) Autoroute Blanc towards Chamonix.

There are two toll gates to go through costing a total of 6€.

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10 kms after the Cluses toll, take exit 20 to Sallanches. The slip road joins the D1205 into Sallanches.

 click to enlargeAbout 250 yds down, the 'Carrefour' hypermarket is a useful stop for provisions, then continue on the D1205 for 1.7km then turn right at traffic lights with a right turn lane (signposted to Megève).

 click to enlargeAfter 120m m turn left over this bridge (pictured left) onto the D1212, which passes the market place, leaves Sallanches and climbs towards Combloux.

(Beware: IGNORE your sat-nav if it says turn right after the bridge. You absolutely do NOT want to take the "ancient route".)

The D1212 twists and climbs for about 4 miles into Combloux. If it is snowing you'll need to pull in to THE lay-by and fit snow chains... You'll enter this map from the top.

 click to enlargeJust before the village there is a 1st roundabout, then this 2nd roundabout just before a Citroen garage. Carry on through a 3rd roundabout, passing shops on the right and a car park on the left.

A few yards further on there is  click to enlargea 20 kph raised section of road with the tourist office and car park on your right.

If it is now snowing this would be a good time to fit snow chains, because at the next roundabout you turn sharp right and climb again towards the apartments.


 click to enlargeAt the roundabout just after the tourist office, turn sharp right and drive uphill.

It is 2 miles to the apartments from the tourist office roundabout. It is useful to view our marked route and googlemaps. Drive uphill between the ski-bus stops and pass the church on your right.

 click to enlargeAt the Ormaret sign post, after 1.4kms (0.8 miles), be sure to keep bearing right up the hill, NOT left onto the Ormaret-Megève road.

 click to enlargeYou will pass the "Manoir des Brons", and after the next right turn (at about 1.5 miles from the tourist office) is this sign (photo left) for you to bear right into "Les Brons" car park.

 click to enlargeIn Les Brons, straight ahead of you is the car park with a caisse on the left where you can buy your lift pass.

 click to enlargeBut, to get to our apartments you take the first fork right and drive downhill through the parking area and past the base of the 'Mowgli' drag lift.

Then you turn left (tricky in winter), and drive over the small crest ...

You will descend to a juction with the 'rte du Vernay - then take a hairpin right and it is another 100 yds to the 'Chalets des Ecrin' car parks.

See the site map below.

When you arrive you will see a welcome sign on the left, and a parking area on the right. L'Aiglon is on the left at this level, and la Biche is the next chalet down the hill.

There are various free parking spaces around the apartments - but beware in winter you may need snow chains to get back up the short steep slope from "la Biche", so if you are staying in l'Aiglon it is better not to drive down.

 click to enlargeYour keys are available in the foyer of "la Biche" and may be collected or returned at any time of day or night. In front of the entrance door is a set of mailboxes. One of the boxes on the left has a digital lock - two bunches of keys will have been left in this box for your use - check that we have given you the latest combination code before your arrival. Press the keys in sequence and turn the knob anti-clockwise to open - be sure to relock the box after you have your keys.

 click to enlargeAs shown on the site map: apartments A, B and C are in la Biche: door numbers 88, 87 and 91 respectively. X is in l'Aiglon door no. 59. If you have also reserved our garage, this is no. 58 under the tennis court.

Note that the keys are colour coded: red opens the front door. When leaving, raise the handle to engage bolts before the door will lock.

Ski lockers are in the basement (turn right) and marked with the apartment number. Turn left in the basement for the "locale poubelles" where you deposit household rubbish.

When you finally leave, please make sure you have cleaned the apartments (allow 2-3 hours) and removed used bedlinen and please be sure to leave the keys inside the box for the next occupants.